The Gebbeth

This piece was composed for the Transfiguration Art Ensemble as well and is inspired by the movie Earthsea.

The story is about a blacksmith son Ged who dreams of becoming a wizard. Led by arrogance and youthful recklessness he tries to conjure up some impressive magic but instead he frees a Nameless One that will become the Gebbeth and only wants to devour his soul. Now his only chance to survive is to follow the lead of a dragon and find the two parts of an amulet to destroy the Nameless Ones. On a long, laborious and transforming journey he not only finds his true love but also learns that there’s no true darkness  but within himself. Really archaic and beautiful movie if you like those types of movies. The piece is not intended to be programatic but is more a kind of overall emotional soundscape with various layers and transformations, always trying to incorporate improvisation within a precomposed framework.




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