I am a music composer for award-winning movies and video games currently residing in between Lucerne, Switzerland and The Hague, Netherlands.  

In retrospect I think it was growing up in the nebula-steeped and mountain-surrounded Rhine valley in Switzerland as the son of a computer programmer that instilled both a love for composers like Johannes Brahms and binary code in me!

Skilled at creating unique atmospheric soundscapes that support the art of visual storytelling and mood creation, I aim to combine organic material with synthesis, acoustic instruments and analog hardware equipment.

As a sound-painter I am fascinated by beauty and aesthetics - always seeking inspiration in nature and the kinetic processes therein. I do love a good melody and am convinced that this still has its place in modern day scoring work alongside hard-hitting grooves and cutting edge sound design elements.​ Especially when working on video games I do enjoy creating the sound design as well as the music score, to aim for a more coherent and immersive result!

Trained as a professional pianist and music composer, I am not only an expert in digital music production but a traditionally trained composer and pianist who knows just as much about improvisation, harmony, counterpoint and orchestration.


« Ich habe es selten erlebt, dass ein Komponist Musik so passgenau auf interaktive Formate abstimmt und Emotionen immersiv zugänglich macht. Mit Urs zu arbeiten ist eine enorme Bereicherung! »


« …I am always surprised how versatile and talented Urs Bollhalder is. His compositions, depending on the subject and genre, are great and his sense for details can blow your mind. »

Batbayar Chogsom, film director, screenwriter and producer

« I was very lucky to work with Urs on a little game called Tiki Ball. His passion and amazing work gave life to the project and it was a great pleasure to be able to collaborate with him. »

Daniel Rodriguez, Game Developer

« The demos that Urs has written for Triple Spiral Audio always have a unique and distinctive sound, a signature. Urs is very capable of capturing the brief he has to write for but at the same time also managing to keep his own sound signature. I will always look forward to any new work Urs will write! »

Jaap Visser, CEO of Triple Spiral Audio